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Join Coach Fran Clark, Dan Kilby, Lance Leduc, Jason Miranda, Chris Hehir, Rylee Hehir


Serious Softball

The RI Rampage ASA fastpitch softball teams provide players the opportunity to train and play at the highest level, with an emphasis on sportsmanship and integrity.
Our goal is to always produce the most competitive athletes, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and character.

Our Objective

Have a team of girls who are looking at the future. Girls who play with passion, have high standards, and collegiate softball aspirations. 

Our Commitment

We will provide next-level coaching and leadership for you, your daughter, and your family.  Our adventure isn't just a one-year fling.  We are looking to establish something special.  Something serious softball players want to be a part of. We will play year round and practice twice a week.  Our staff's commitment is second to none; and we expect the same commitment in return.


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